Friday, April 14, 2006

The Creek

The creek is as wide as some rivers, especially here, and an osprey couple have nested across the creek in a tall pine tree. I can watch the creek, the geese, the osprey, and the boaters for hours. And, when no boats ripple the water, I watch the breeze as it dimples various areas and leaves some places smooth.

Once I speculated that the smooth places were the deeper water, the channel where boats could safely pass. Then I realized that the smooth water changed areas, and the changes didn't seem to be related to tides or wind or anything that I could discern.

Our lives are like that. On some days, the smooth water in our lives indicates that we are having a peaceful day with plenty of water to take care of any disturbance. On other days, the smooth water moves, and we have trouble finding our peace spots. The wind of humanity ruffles our space and changes how we feel and think. Some days, the peace spots are just clogs in our veins, times and places where we think we are at peace, but then we find that we're merely stagnating. The difficulty lies in knowing what the smooth spots or the dimpled spots or the rough spots mean. And so, we just go along accepting what is and acting "as if" and, sure enough, the smooth spots change places; we come around to find that our boats of life keep moving on.

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