Sunday, April 16, 2006

Is Heaven Air Conditioned?

Yesterday our temperature went into the 90s, and I turned on the air conditoning. The fan blew air and I assumed it was working okay. I was wrong. The compressor is not working; the fan was circulating air from within the house. The house got hotter and the fan blew hotter air. But, blowing hot air was better than being outside and better than no air at all. I stood in front of the refrigerator with the door open quite often. That's when I wasn't spread eagled on the bed absorbing as much cool from the fans as I could. And, I found cool wet cloths to be helpful.

Yesterday was also Holy Saturday, a particularly black day for Christian's Holy Week. And, having the day off before Easter for many workers makes it a holy day, whether they are Christian or not. So, we didn't call the air conditioning repair people. We toughed it out.

Does the air conditioning always work in heaven? I can tolerate cold much better than hot; I can usually put on enough clothes to stay warm, but I can never take off enough to get cool. So, even if the AC doesn't work perfectly in heaven, I think it's a better bet than the alternative, which I understand is much warmer than our 90 plus degrees yesterday. But, that question made me wonder about others.

What was the climate control situation in Eden? Can we blame global warming on Adam and Eve? If all they wore for clothing after they'd eaten the apple was fig leaves (pity them for the rash they must have gotten from those rough leaves), then it must have been pretty warm. In fact, I'd say, they bordered on needing air conditioning then.

Remember that river that flowed from Eden? I've seen lots of rivers in my wanderings, and I wonder, "Was it muddy? Was it clear? Was it tea-colored like our creek? What was the temperature? Perfect when it came out of Eden, of course; but what was it like 50 miles farther on?

In my theology of heaven and hell being in the here and now, when the creek is dry, it's hell. When the creek is good, it's heaven. When the temperature is in the 70s and 80s, it's heaven; when it goes above 90, it's hell. I just blame it all on Adam and Eve.

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