Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Whatever happened to Faye Wray?

There's a line in a song from Rocky Horror Picture Show that I love, "What ever happened to Faye Raye?" Not sure if I spelled her name right, but she was the woman in the original King Kong, and all I remember about her is that line from the song and her slinky satin gown. Fame is fleeting, and I as I work crossword puzzles from the 70s and 80s, I realize that most of the people mentioned there are like Faye - they have faded into the mists of time. Our memories are short.

Today I saw a Vespa scooter and talked with the young man riding it (of course, he had gray hair, but he was younger than me, okay?). I recalled a time when I rode a Vespa all the way across Phoenix wearing only a mostly see-through orange harem outfit. I won $50 for doing it. What fun! And, what about the time I climbed the pear tree next to my apartment in my red negligee? Another bet won!

What ever happened to Margi? I suspect the same thing happened to Margi that happened to Faye: we got older, the world changed and we didn't change quite fast enough. But, today looking at that Vespa, I could feel that 20-year-old Margi still inside me - still wanting to take those dares - still wanting to make people shake their heads in laughter - still wanting to be brave. And, I still want to dye my hair that gorgeous wine red that the kids nowadays wear! I'm afraid it would turn out pink on my white hair though - and I hate pink. It's a wimp color for me. Margi wasn't a wimp and neither am I now, whoever I am.

And, if I wonder whatever happened to Margi, I wonder even more whatever happened to those people who issued the dares I took, who laughed with me, who shared my love of life. Where is Tommie Lee Chism with whom I put out a grass fire for an old lady one day when I was 15? Some of these friends are dead, and some have faded like Faye, and I may never know "Whatever happened to the Faye Wrays of my life?"

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