Sunday, May 07, 2006

A few of my favorite things

The pitter patter of rain, the faintly wafting scent of gardenias, friends who phone me, pintos and turnip greens and cornbread, garlic, a whiff of rich pipe tobacco, singing hymns, bright primary colors, soft sunrises, the ocean's surf, the thrill of moving fast, laughing, sharing a meal with friends, making spontaneous trips, cool air on a hot day, warm air on a cool day, pretty dishes, flowers, Earl Grey Tea and its wonderful odor, four to six inches of snow, good water, paddling a kayak, watching birds eat and fly and congregate, learning new things, crossword puzzles, playing with animals, praying, thinking things through, reading, chocolate silk pie, Duncan Hines yellow cake with a light covering of bought chocolate frosting, my partner, comfortable cars, making people happy.

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