Thursday, May 04, 2006

Immaculate House

Wow, that title reminds me of Catholic nuns that I've known, but this is not about Catholic nuns or their houses. This is about my house and the little painted glass plaque that I have: An immaculate house is the sign of a misspent life.

I've always figured that there were more important things to do in life than clean house. Yeah, I rake out the kitchen floor and mop it when it starts to grate under my feet, but I keep my counters and utensils clean. Now that I have a dishwasher, I even manage to keep the dishes clean, except for those weeks when neither of us wants to empty the dishwasher and the dirty dishes collect on the counter while we keep reaching into the dishwasher for clean ones - spoons especially. Ice cream, cereal, applesauce - they all require spoons, and we use a lot of spoons.

This isn't about spoons very much either. This is about knowing my weakness and finding a way to strengthen the situation so my weakness won't get in the way of living. Tomorrow Merry Maids are coming to clean. They will sweep the cat hair from behind the doors and get the grit off the sunroom floor. They will leave the house shiny and smelling good.

Unfortunately, this state will not last long. I've often told my partner that we can trash a house quicker than anyone I know. The clutter accumulates so quickly - tools that we bring in to use and don't return to the workshop; paints that are used several times in projects on the dining table and left there; half-read magazines and books wherever we were reading them, along with the glasses and bowls that fed us while we read; and glasses of both kinds (reading and drinking).

If one believes my little plaque, then I certainly have never had a misspent life, but from now on, every other Tuesday a visitor might think that for a few minutes after Merry Maids have gone. Won't last long; so come for viewing early.

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