Sunday, June 18, 2006


A similarity exists between being tired from overdoing some activity and being satiated after eating. When I am tired, whether it's from one activity or many, I find that I can usually summon the energy to do something I really enjoy. When I am sated after a meal, I find that I have room and appetite for a cream puff. Some dietitians say that we can satisfy our hunger and appetite for certain foods, but when different foods are offered, we can eat more. People eat more at a buffet than they do when they order a meal in a restaurant because a variety of foods appeal to our variety of appetites. Perhaps they will discover that we have an appetite gland that is similar to our adrenal gland to help us eat just that little bit more even when we are full. The adrenal gland helps us to do just that little bit more even when we are exhausted.

Some of us just don't recognize when we are tired; and some of us just don't recognize when we are full. It's the lure of enjoyment. Now I know that adrenal gland kicks in when we are in danger or need, but some people rely on that extra charge just to get through their daily activities or when they are really caught up in a particular project. Eventually our bodies tell us when to stop; the adrenaline runs out.

I'm not sure that this postulated food gland works that way. My appetite seldoms runs out even when I've been full for the last ten bites of food. And, if you offer me something different that I like, well, it's as if I never had eaten at all. Granted that I do fill up faster each succeeding time that I eat something else, but sometimes I think I could go on eating forever if I just did it slowly. And, that waistline that I never had anyway just keeps getting it's hanging over my hip hugger pants and not just my regular ones.

Perhaps I need someone to tell me that I'm full. Occasionally I have to tell my partner that she is tired. She sometimes doesn't know when to stop. So, the answer to my appetite could be just to have someone tell me when I've eaten enough. Diet plans won't work; I ignore them. Hearing the words could make a difference...maybe.

Right now, however, I need something salty to eat; so I'll see ya later.

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