Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Concerns and Delights

The Blogs I’ve been reading are written by very focused minds on topics that concern the Anglican Communion. I find them fascinating, humorous and wonderfully uplifting. Yet, I continue to see and be concerned about the more personal issues.

One friend, who is in the hospital, has just been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, in addition to other psychiatric diagnoses. She will be coming home this weekend, and I pray that she has the support she needs to live.

Another friend struggles with depression that sometimes reaches to the bottom of her soul and she can’t communicate with anyone.

My godson hasn’t been in touch with me in months, and I don’t know how to reach him or if I want to reach him. He has been doing crack for over a year now.

My other godson and his wife continue on the road to disaffection and possible divorce – if only they could figure out how they could afford that.

My contractor friend struggles with the bureaucratic requirements of building codes and whimsy of inspectors while trying to make a living.

A friend who lives in another state is working more and more hours, possibly to avoid conflicts at home.

My seminary buddy is raising her three special needs grandchildren, two teenagers and a lovely elementary school age granddaughter.

My goddaughter continues to survive (Thanks be to God) and overcome the complications of having an older husband with emphysema, three special needs children (one of whom is adult and one who thinks she is), very little money and her own psychological problems.

In spite of this litany of woes, about which I am prayerfully concerned – naw, I worry about these people in addition to praying – I am joyous and content. I was watching the moonlight on the creek before I began writing this, and my spirits leapt with joy. This afternoon I watched a fish dance across the water, moving in graceful, silvery leaps about 20 feet. The mornings and late afternoons are cooler than the last few weeks, and I can sit on the porch to enjoy the breeze and the peace of this place. The glitter and gleam of my beads beckon to me with swirling inspirations that I don’t even know how to create but look forward to trying.

My alcoholic friends continue to stay sober by going to meetings, using their sponsors and working the steps.

My religious friends continue to preach about God’s love.

My glamorous friends continue to delight me with their dress and beautiful skin and loving smiles.

“Tight Buns” continues to be a loving, caring father and a concerned friend.

My kite shop owner-friends continue to sell high-flying joys that catch the wind in the sky and flutter in the breezes from porches and decks.

Grandchildren continue to amaze all their relatives.

Friends continue to visit. The ocean continues to “roar”. The clouds continue to give us rain. Our blessings are many.

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Anonymous said...

I clicked on "blog this" button which I guess throws you link onto my blog. Now commenting on your blog. Interesting. Wish I had more time to type. Dave from Ridgefield, WA (close to Portland)