Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sickness sparks creativity

Okay, it’s been sick days since I found out how sick I was and three weeks that I’ve known something was a bit wrong, several months of knowing something wasn’t quite right. So, I’m taking all this stuff for respiratory infection, ear infection, sinus infection, that whole breathing apparatus. With the antibiotics, steriods, inhalers, sprays, and pills, I am still drawing air into and pushing it out of my lungs, but that hurts sometimes. I just want you to know that I don’t feel good and I’m tired of not feeling good, and I want to get out and do things. Even going to the grocery store would be good. A ride in the boat would be great and on the jet ski would be magnificent. There it sits, all ready for me. Where am I? Inside the house looking at the gorgeous water and the means to travel upon it without the energy to even get down to it – all 35 feet away.

However, I’ve been painting today with acrylics on paper. What began as a quilt/bedspread design has morphed into a combination of design and memory painting. Lisa took a picture of a moose at twilight and the overexposed and moving shot turned out beautifully colored shades of green, aqua, blue and a touch of brown where the moose was – but he was insignificant. I turned the picture sideways and began putting on a multi-colored medium pale wash in turquoise and blue shades.

Looked good. So, I thought I’d add pieces that could be quilted or appliquéd, wavy strips of cobalt and cerulean and teal and dark green. Well, I was doing fine until some of my darker colors began to look like the humpback whales we saw two weeks ago. So I added a little white frothy stuff around them – two blobs of dark that began to look more like something in water instead of moose in trees.

Continuing to shift from quilt pattern with sharp lines to painting with softer color changes, I created a picture that is nothing like my concept when I began. It even has darker rocks that remind me of the shoreline along the fjords, and some fireweed and a pretty yellow triangle tree...all very subtly done, you understand.

But, it’s not a quilt pattern, and it’s too stark to be a really pleasant painting. So, I don’t know exactly what I’ve created. I do know that making such a quilt (and I dreamed it for the king size bed) would be a undertaking that would terminated by my moved to a nursing home or a cemetery. Of course, it would be gorgeous, and I’d love to try it, but what about my other dream projects.

Seems like the trip has sparked creative dreams. First the quilt came. Then, I dreamed a fiber necklace using the dyed porcupine quills, and I’ve almost figured out how to make what I saw in my dream. Next came the little purses with quills and beading and some crystals just to make them snappy. And, today’s nap-time dream was a mandala that depicted my strengths and major life events – sort of like the totem pole I dreamed on the ship after we’d been in Sitka.

Some of these things I dream, I have no idea how to create. With some of them, I know the techniques, but I’m not good at them. With others, the patterns and makings are just too complicated and take to long to hold my interest. And, some of them may come to fruition. I think I may go around taking more blurry pictures just to see what ideas they spark in my dreams.

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