Monday, January 29, 2007

A little time

Just need a little time. What a great saying that is! And, think of all the others that are similar. Time cures everything. Time is on your side. Time will change everything.

Everything we do takes time: grieving, settling into a new town and a different home, making new friends. However, some things seem to take more time than others. For instance, learning how to cope with changes in weather and humidity, learning what factors affect sleeping in a different zip code, adjusting to changes in medicine, figuring out that what your body used to do isn’t what your body does now.

So, I just need a little time, sometimes. My days begin slower than once they did. My energy level is higher in the afternoons and middle evenings than at others – unless, of course, we’re going out to eat; in which case, my energy level peaks about 5:30 – sometimes earlier. I don’t think quite as clearly in the mornings unless it’s an emergency or I get some sort of adrenaline rush. The caffeine in real Coke helps some; tea is good to help get me started.

But, even with all that, some mornings are just slower than others. I need a little time…and maybe a little nap and definitely some good food. So, please excuse me today, I think I need a little time.

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