Saturday, February 03, 2007

More about Hell

On a more serious note about Hell. I don’t believe in a Hell in the afterlife (given, of course, that there is an afterlife). I believe we live in Hell on a daily basis, the punishment of our negativity and drawing away from the goodness of God and creation.

Hell is recognizing that I’ve hurt someone in my past and being unable to find that person to ask forgiveness. God’s forgiveness is all well and good and should be enough, but I crave that sense of remission that comes from another saying, “You are forgiven.” That is Hell.

Hell is knowing that your excess weight is contributing to your poor health, cutting back on portions, eating healthier, and then getting upset and eating too much and too much of the wrong things for a number of days. I put my life in jeopardy, and I know it. That’s Hell.

Hell is remembering how your treated your Mother, albeit that you had no role models for being a daughter or role models for treating your Mother well. She’s dead, you’re still thankful she’s gone, and you know you should repent, and you live not only with the guilt of how you acted but with the guilt of loving her but being glad she’s dead. That’s Hell.

Hell is almost always a backward look at actions, thoughts, modes of behavior. Hell brings grief and sometimes disbelief that you could have acted that way. When properly applied, Hell brings relief, forgiveness from God and self, and resolve to act differently.

My Hell is not your Hell. Each of us lives with our own misdeeds and sins. With God there is mercy – hesed – loving kindness!

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Anonymous said...

I will spend all of eternity in sinful level 2. I ditto some of your ideas about hell with some additions. I belive all of our doubt, fear, guilt, negative thoughts make up our hell. Hell is any state of being that blocks us from being the beings God crated us to be.
I feel God and paradise (ie. eden's discription) are heaven or the heavenly state hear on earth & so called afterlife. I belive this state is of strenght, peace, abundance and love.
ps. I could use a great deal of black in disagreeing with many of those Quiz questions, as could you I'm sure.