Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seeing the baby panda

Mama Lun Lun eating bamboo

Papa Panda Yang Yang

Red panda looks like raccoon

Baby Panda Mei Lan asleep


Dave said...

I love the red panda!

"Scientists have debated for more than a century whether giant pandas belong to the bear family, the raccoon family, or a separate family of their own. This is because the giant panda and its cousin, the lesser or red panda, share many characteristics with both bears and raccoons, Recent DNA analysis indicates that giant pandas are more closely related to bears and red pandas are more closely related to raccoons."

So you're right!

sharecropper said...

The zoo keeper at the panda exhibit said that the Red Panda is definitely of the raccoon family but the black/white panda is definitely the bear family. Apparently that is the latest thinking - and the pictures seem to verify that. The Red Panda's coat was so full and such a deep red that I could hardly tear myself away from it.

These Giant Pandas are not nearly as large as I expected from watching them on the zoo's video cam. The baby is the size of small cocker spaniel right now. In fact, I once had a stuffed panda that was almost exactly the same size.

June Butler said...

Share Cropper, you nearly killed me with cute. They're all adorable.