Saturday, April 28, 2007

I've been tagged as a Thinking Blogger

I've been tagged as a Thinking Blogger by Cecelia at Closeted Pastor. For the origin of this award please go here

My requirement now is to tag five other blogs that make me think. MadPriest has already been tagged...and possibly others that I read regularly. My choices are in no particular order but are ones that make me think about our world, my life, God, nature, as well as ones that make me laugh, which helps bring order to the chaos of my thinking.

What's equally as interesting is to back track to see what other blogs have been nominated - is there a commonality?

Anyway, I name Saint Pat because she is a reporter - not just a journalist, not just a photographer, not just a questioner, but a person who goes out of her way to report on issues, incidents and scenes that the rest of us might miss. And, she does it well.

I name Grandmere Mimi because she keeps me grounded (along with Cecelia) in the spiritual aspects of daily living. Prayers, poems, reminders of Holy Days, reviews of good eating places, and memos to ourselves. Her reflections and her lively wit (as often exhibited at OCICBW) are wonders. Thanks Mimi.

Badtux, the Snarky Penguin
. Ah, Badtux. You make me laugh, you make me think, you lead me to blogs that I don't understand and you challenge me to keep exploring. And, you helped me find the delightful graphic of the Linux penguin drinking Coke.

Paula's House of Toast calls out the wonder in me with photography and commentary that pulls my soul and emotions into a place where they have never been.

I don't know how to limit this to just five. So, I'm going wildly astray with the last nominee. It's Knut's Blog. Unfortunately, it's in a foreign language; so I can't expect them to participate. Knut is a polar bear cub who has been nursed into life by a prominent zoo after being abandoned by his mother. This cub is beautiful and charming and is being raised just like all us humans would love to raise a pet bear. I have some concerns about his "taming", but I cannot contemplate killing the cub as one animal activist advocated. So I watch the clips and I think about how we get along as humans and how well this wonderful cub is adapting to interspecies companionship.

Let me add that I will be updating my blog list to reflect those that I read regularly; so if you're not named here, it's only because I chose randomly. Thanks to my blogsphere community.

The participation rules are simple:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.


shallotpeel said...

Apropos of nothing having to do with this particular blog entry at all but just because I saw this today & thought of you, ...
"Prayer is a wine which makes glad the heart of man." - Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153)

June Butler said...

Share Cropper, thank you. I'm honored, truly. It's a lovely tribute.

I've got a lot going on now, but I'll try to get to this as soon as I can.