Saturday, April 14, 2007

Six Things Weird (Meme)

Six Weird Things Meme - I've been tagged by St. Pat. So here goes:

According to the rules I must:
1. Reveal six weird things about yourself on your blog, and
2. Tag six people to do the same.

1. I used to be a long-haul truck driver with my first husband.
2. I once rode across Phoenix at rush hour on a small motor scooter in an orange see-through harem outfit. (closely followed by friends to protect me)
3. My roommate, who picked me up at work, drove the same kind of car that the killer of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was supposed to have driven. We were stopped seven times on the way home from downtown Memphis that day. We parked the car in the back yard.
4. I worked with Spanish-speaking people for 10 years and had/still have some sort of block against being able to learn Spanish. I can understand it fairly well, but my tongue gets tangled around the words. Fortunately, they loved me and laughed at me and taunted me with phrases that I’d have to go home and look up in a dictionary. I miss them.
5. I love catalogs – all kinds of catalogs about all kinds of products – clothing, tools, technology stuff, lawn and garden, silly t shirts, cruises, free trade items, jewelry, etc. When we go away, our cat sitter complains about how much mail we get.
6. I collect button pins and lapel pins. The ones that have stories with them are best – an old nursing school pin from a nurse who shopped at our thrift shop – my Daddy’s WW2 pins – places I’ve been – places I haven’t been – Pride marches - cursillo. I have long strips of them hanging around my computer.

And, I tag Pisco, Mad Hare, Juanuchi’s Way, Nina and Cecelia.


Dave said...

I have a soft spot for catalogs too. It's like capitalist pr0n!

Saint Pat said...

Cool. I'm embarrassed to admit, I have no catalogues.

Can I ask why you rode through Phoenix in a see-through harem outfit? Enquiring minds like MadPriest's will want to know.

sharecropper said...

A $50 bet. No one thought I could stay on the thing, much less would have the courage to ride it all the way across Phoenix. But, when I was 20, Fifty Dollars was a lot of money. And, I have always been a thrill seeker.

Barking Biscuit said...

We trade button pins with anyone who is interested! (it's always fun to get something other than a bill in the mail)

Janis Bland said...

I enjoy going to my parents' house just to nick their catalogs. Definitely capitalist p0rn!

How 'bout I'm married to a guy who was a long-haul trucker? And he's Colombian, so I have the Spanish covered.

Cecilia said...

Wow. WOW. You are so much more interesting than I am.

Thanks for tagging me... it was fun!

Pax, C.

June Butler said...

Share Cropper, if catalogs were first class mail, I'd forward the ton of them that I get. I toss away many more than I look at, but I do enjoy my favorites.

You and MadPriest have a common history with the truck driving.

I still have my father's three-month sobriety pin from AA. He dropped out of AA soon after and stayed sober for quite a while, but he was still mean. Several folks have told me that he showed many of the characteristics of a dry drunk.

Sorry about that. I didn't mean to get all serious.

That is weird about the roommate's car like that of MLK's killer.