Monday, April 23, 2007

Ten Tangible Wants

Perhaps what I need instead of a gratitude list is a list of ten things I want. The list of intangibles that I want would be much too long for any blog – things like world peace, healing of our earth, better health, being useful instead of just being and so many more. So this list will be the tangibles that I hope someday to have, not in order of priority.

1.Clothes that fit – losing weight will help this
2.A red kitchen – Ikea has a lovely one
3.To see polar bears – preferably at the North Pole, but a zoo will do – Knut is cute
4.A bedspread that I really like – my bed is queen size but high off the floor, and I use king-size blankets and spreads, but I really have never seen nor can I conceptualize what I might want
5.Someone to really clean the house once a week and fold the sheets and such
6.A good landscaper to work on my yard
7.A church where I feel comfortable and the ability to get there – this involves better health as well as the size and character of the congregation.
8.Coca-Cola made with sugar not corn syrup
9.Having a dance party at my house
10.Traveling to see my many friends across the country

Anyone else want to play with this meme?

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