Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tagged Again

Nina has tagged me for the Favorite flowers meme

In the interests of alliteration, you are allowed up to five favorite flowers. You may say something about why you love each, or a memory attached to each.

Old smelly roses - preferably dark red or the little ones that grew all along the sides of the roads in Mississippi years ago.

Illiums - garlic, onions, that bloom with balls of flowers on tall stalks

Begonias - particularly angel wings, but I've kept the semper florens kind alive for years - some in pots from last year sprouted again and are blooming even though they're only two inches tall.

Pansies - Johnny-Jump-Ups - I love the way they just spring up anywhere. Of course some people consider them weeds, but I love them.

Jasmines - all kinds from the bushes to the vines - I don't want them in the house, but I love them outside my window - have a small one on my porch now.

And, I like peonies, daffodils, hyacinths and narcissi. I know that's cheating, but gosh, there are so many out there.

I'll tag some people tomorrow - bedtime now - dreaming of all the smell good flowers.

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