Monday, June 18, 2007

visitors- no chosen family

My friend, Gin, is here from Colorado with her friend Mindi. They arrived last night, and I may have already gotten Gin hooked on blogs; she was up late reading.

Even with hot weather here, I predict that our jet skis will get a good workout...and Weight Watchers will get harder. We've promised ourselves at least one feast at a good restaurant and lots of fun together.

So, I may not get back to this blog much for a week. Then, I want to talk about how God heals - ordinary and supernatural and eveyrthing in betweeen.

Oh, yeah, Eileen led me to a wonderful spiritual site, Songs of Unforgetting - made me realize that I tend to be pantheistic rather than monotheistic. If we are co-creators with God, why is not the rest of the world?


shallotpeel DonnaB said...

Give Gin a hug for me!

Missy said...

"If we are co-creators with God, why is not the rest of the world?"

Now that's a good question to meditate on.

Anonymous said...

Sharecropper - Glad you found Kay! I really like her site..thought provoking, and with that hottie Hugh jackman sitting there what could be bad?

Kay said...

Ahhh. You guys are so nice! :-D Thanks to both of you.