Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gaining strength

Oh what a glorious day - moderate temps, lovely breeze, feeling good. I began weeding the front flower bed as I mentioned, and I just continued through the day doing a little bit here and a little bit there. The tons of laundry are finally washed and dried and piled high on the guest room bed. They will gradually disappear where they need to go.

Tomorrow is a celebrating day - our national Independence Day. Of course, we're more dependent on the rest of the world today than we were then. I'm not sure what trajectory our economy is taking these days, but my little retirement account seems to keep making money. Thanks be to God.

I worry about those who don't have retirement accounts and those who are disabled - so much need, so little help. Not that the resources aren't available, but some problems are so difficult to solve. Take drug abuse. Badtux was talking about finding a litter of needles and syringes and stuff in the parking lot of major chain and suggested that drug abuse was more of a medical problem than a legal problem. The war on drugs is not working. Neither did the war on poverty. Nor the war on hunger. And, if we move to other countries, neither is the drive for decent drinking water.

I suggested that all such problems are so interrelated that we can't solve any of them with one approach. Poverty is first for me. Then medical care, but, if you solve the poverty problem, medical care will come along. And, the social aspect. Geographic location - neighborhoods - seem to begat problems. We need to clean up our neighborhoods. I don't have the answers. Mostly what I have are questions. Non-profits seem to be working towards resolutions in all areas, but they are not enough. It's the macho image that some people have of America that prevents us from allotting our resources to solve these problems instead of looking for problems in other countries.

Nor do I have any answers about terrorism. It's like or is guerilla warfare - almost impossible to prevent. Our protectors do seem to be doing a decent job of it in spite of the impropriety and irresponsible spending of money.

Enough of my stream of consciousness rant.

As I gain strength, I am not only interested in my lawn and plantings, but I am also interested in the world outside the house. Most murders are committed by someone who knows the victim; most terrorists kill those they don't know. I'm not sure which is worse. Both are evil.

I suspect this fall will find me involve deeply in some "cause"; I have some ideas and am looking over a couple possibilities. Taking more interest in our local government is one. Feeding the hungry is another. I have a longer list of personal objectives for the summer and fall. Painting, making more jewelry for an art consignment store, working in the yard, discussing the remodeling of the house - maybe I should say dreaming there because we don't have an estimate yet.

So tonight you get another stream of consciousness post. I'll stop here and go to bed. Thanks to all who read and all who respond. Blessings on all those who come near.


PseudoPiskie said...

Perhaps part of the problem is that we are always going to WAR? War is what bullies do. War implies that someone is wrong and someone else is right and one or another party intends to force its opinions on the others. War requires hatred. Only when a person can't see the other as equally human and loved in God's sight can they harm another.

I don't have any solutions either unfortunately. I try to help one by one. Maybe that's an idea?

hope said...

We live in a broken, fallen world. Plenty of evil to go around, for sure.

Your post reminds me of that story about the child trying to rescue beached starfish. The parent says something to the effect of, "you can't save them all," and the child responds, "but I can save this one."

It's the same with poverty and lack of water and war and other evils. Love. Be Light. It's about people, not problems. Love makes a HUGE difference one person at a time.

Lindy said...

Cool new blog template!

I check in every week or so, and I'm pulling for you!


Anonymous said...
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