Saturday, July 28, 2007

Not much to say

Well, you may have noted that I'm not writing much in the last few days. I've been knitting and keeping myself occupied so that I won't eat. Didn't work yesterday, but I am not over points for the week yet. Of course, the week has four more days for me and Weight Watchers.

The good news is that I am staying inside where it is cool, and my breathing is great! I have been able to walk over a mile on the treadmill twice this week. Yea Me! Of course, I downloaded some great old music (to which I know the words) and have spent my treadmill time listening, singing and dancing along.

The bad news is that I keep eating the Twinkies in my stash. Now the solution is not to buy the Twinkies in the first place, but I haven't gotten that far. At least I'm getting the individually wrapped ones; so I'm not eating but one a day. And, I made creamed corn from fresh bi-color color (diversity is my name, ha ha), and eight ears of good corn make a lot of creamed corn. Now, I've bought butter beans. Lots of butter beans that I have to shell. This will bring back memories of sitting under the pecan tree at the back of the house on the farm shelling butter beans with my mother. Not a bad memory, not a bad time. And, I do love butter beans - the green ones, not the speckled ones.

Today is Ken Bridges birthday; his daughter is one of my goodest friends, and I call her Sis. Happy Birthday, Ken.

We are having thunderstorms, but our power is steady and the cable is steady; so I'm continuing to use the computer. Ooops...probably shouldn't have said that.

Distribute amongst yourselves as needed: prayers, hugs, sympathy, empathy, being held to the light of God's love, and humorous comments (not that I have many of the latter) Thanks for reading.

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Saint Pat said...

Always a pleasure to visit your neck o'the blogosphere!

I like the green butter beans, too.