Wednesday, July 18, 2007


In chat room I've joined, introductions are in order by answering "Where is your heart home?" Here's my answer.

I grew up near a small muddy river, and I loved sitting on the tall cut-away bank watching the water. Occasionally I would see a very large and very old gar (a fish sort of like a barraccuda but with a long sharp nose/mout of teeth). I wished him long life. Fish jumped. Squirrels dug nuts from the ground behind me. Crickets and frogs wee noisy. And, I could go there alone at about age 8. My refuge. Once I even saw three bob cats merrily playing outside their den in the driftwood on the other side of the cut. Mama bob cat watched me, but I didn't move a hair.

Then I discovered the ocean - nothing as far as I could see. I would stare for hours. We were blessed to live in a small apartment on a high hill in Bermuda where my Dad was stationed. I sat on the front porch watching storms and calms, even hung onto the rail through part of a hurricane so I could see the water spouts. And, I swam and played under the water. But, I don't like beaches and hot sand.

Then I discovered lakes and their wonder - clear, bright, and wonderful places to watch the sunset. Canoes, kayaks skiffs, jet skis and power boats - I love them all. They put me out in the middle of the water.

Now, I am truly blessed to live on a creek that is as wide as my first river. And, I can sit and watch the water for long unmoving periods of time. I love watching the jet skis do donuts and figure eights and the teenagers having fun and the fishing people. The background is a stand of old cypress trees in a bog, and I've tried many times and in many forms to paint it. The water reflects the trees with the sun on them in the afternoon, and all turns russet with a few flecks of bright yellow sunlight on other trees.

Recently, I took a cruise ship back to Bermuda fifty years after I had lived there. Bermuda was busy and rushed and not the idyllic place of my childhood. But, we had a private balcony, and I slept on the balcony one night - nothing but me and the water and the moon rising over the ship.

I have a fountain and bird baths that are much used by the birds we feed and by soul. When I can't sleep at night, I open the door to my study so that I can hear the fountain gurgling.

So, the home of my hear is Water, a little bit, a lot and anything in between.


klady said...

This is extraordinary -- the writing, the photos. You've expressed it all so clearly, simply, and beautifully. Thank you. I really enjoyed reading it.

I've joined the chat, too. Hope to see you tonight.

shallotpeel DonnaB said...

So, you're chatting now?!! You've come so far.

Nina said...

Lovely. Thanks for the gift of your memories.

Missy said...

I must tell you how much I love this post.
I'm a water baby too. :)
Very nice. Awesome pics--I especially like the lake one--the mist, the muted colors--I could stare at it forever...