Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ACN votes for mediation

The Anglican Communion Network (ACN) which Bishop Duncan of Pittsburg attempted to lead out the the World Wide Anglican Communion altogether, has voted to suspend all litigation regarding property and to seek mediation with the Episcopal Church regarding what I would call "repatriation". Read the resolution here on the ACN website.

Much comment is happening on the HOBD listserv and in blogs throughout the world. Keep your ears open for reactions and comments.

I am impressed with the metaphor left in a previous message by David Charles Walker of those left standing alone (like Ephraim Radner) are like icebergs floating alone, which could be towed to a place needing fresh water and could create new growth.

Time magazine has an article about how the melting icebergs are feeding the whole aquatic ecosystem as they melt.

What a rich heritage we have that we could all share, forgiving one another as we are forgiven. There's a short video of Sr. Prejan on Episcopal Cafe that talks about one victim's father who could only repeat the Lord's prayer when confronted with the body of his child....forgive as we are forgiven.

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June Butler said...

Who will be the mediator to decide property issues? It seems a step in the right direction away from lawsuits, but much depends on who will mediate.