Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just stuff I've been doing instead of blogging

Been busy this past week with my cousin and his family from Mississippi. Pretty nifty all around. Two years ago, I didn't think I had any family. Now, cousin, wife, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are visiting and treating me like royalty.

We got in some good seafood at the local places (though I'm not sure any of the seafood was local); the girls and I did some thrift shopping; they cooked venison for us one good! And, they got in some beach time. The men went shopping at a couple of different "outfitters" shops and came home with shirts and shoes at a bargain price. We talked about family - seems I am the matriarch of the family now - the one left with all the stories about how granddad had an affair with his sister-in-law and no one in the family heard from them after that. And, the bootlegging! I saw the remains of the still one day when I was prowling about the woods. And, stories about our grandmother and grandfather. Cousin also loved my Mom and Dad; so I told stories about them, too. And, they told me about others on their mother's side of the family.

As we were driving along after thrift shopping, we saw a sign that said "Open Church" and comments that none of us had ever seen that as a name before. I opined that the church would probably try to change me majorly if I showed up at their door (this being a very conservative and fundamentalist area). Cousin's wife looked at me bewildered. Then I said, "You know, because I'm a lesbian." Her eyes got wider and she said, "You know, I never even think about that when I'm with you and her." We all had a good laugh because she's pretty fundamentalist, too. And, we seemed to agree that covenanted relationships are not really the subject of homosexuality in the Bible.

So, now it's back to packing to move out for the renovation. So far, I've done two dish crates of McCarty pottery - pottery made with Mississippi clay in Merigold, Miss. They have a website, but you can't see much of the pottery in the pictures. So here's a picture of some McCarty taken from the Oxford Floral Company site. Most of my pottery is the cobalt blue, which you cannot really see in this picture either (maybe up high on the back shelf), and, since it is already packed, I can't take a picture. I have lots of McCarty animals - many of them in the brown color with tinges of cobalt. I'll post some pictures once we are back in the house. I know you're gonna love the stuff.

And, I've played lots of solitaire computer games - found a new one called Snood, but my scores leave much to be desired.

Lots of friends, online and offline, needing prayers; so I'm praying a lot, sending virtual hugs their ways.

My partner has gone to a weekend conference in another city with an organization where she is not "out"; but she's enjoying the camaraderie with others who love some of the things that she loves.

So, I'm blessedly alone right now. Well, me, the cats, the birds on the feeders on the deck, the creek, the quiet. Ahhhhh.

Enough gossip. Hope each of you is having a good weekend.


Cecilia said...

Love the discussion of the "Open Church"... may it be so, in spirit and in truth!

Blessings on your chaos (moving, renovating). You'll be in my prayers.

And thanks for stopping by my place...always appreciated!

Pax, C.

June Butler said...

Sharecropper, You are a major COLLECTOR. I've stopped now, but I once was. I've still got it all. That's why I don't do renovations. I'd have to pack it all up.

I'm glad you had a good visit with family. If I go out to cousins, I am not the matriarch.

Nina said...

I love the brown--it's so stripey and earthy. Pottery is wonderful, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your time alone. Congratulations on your family.