Thursday, September 06, 2007

Work, Renovation, Visitors

I worked all day today. All day alone in the yarn shop with lots of lookers, a few people who needed more help than I could give, a few people who knew exactly what they needed and where it was, a friend who brought me lunch, one woman who would be better off shopping at Wal-Mart or Michael's, a weaver who brought me fresh basil, and way too much time to look around the shop and discover new yarns and projects I'd like to try.

And, I was very tired at the end of the day. Going from being an invalid in February and March to working in September is a long way. But, it's so much fun. It's even more fun when I can help someone.

Then, I went to Weight Watchers, gained six tenths of a pound - understand why- emotional eating last week - fits of depression that I tried to fix with french fries or some other high calorie/high fat stuff. Not worried. This too shall pass.

Got the almost final figures on the renovation, approved the plans, waiting for the contract, got boxes for packing, notified the movers, have a list of things to do before we move to the beach. Must take all the stuff mentioned in the previous post to the recycling center.

First Cousin, wife, son, daughter-in-law, and four year old arriving this Sunday. They will stay at the beach since we don't have that much room in our house - and possibly not enough patience for a four-year-old, even if she's as cute as can be. Looking forward to seeing them so much. They are bringing venison and fish to cook for me. What fun!!! I can tell already that I may skip Weight Watchers next week. Tee Hee. We have thrift shopping to do, and stories to tell, and gossip to catch up on. And, just sitting on the porch at night talking or being quiet together. They're good folk, and I'm am thrilled that they think enough of me to visit. Last year, when I tried to make the trip to see them - well, I guess it was in the Spring - I got sick in Atlanta and couldn't go any further. Spent three days in a hotel room in bed before I could even come back home. So, now we get to visit.

And, the weather is cooling down some even though we may get rain from the tropical storm off the coast. It will be gone by the time my visitors get here.

And, the boat is fixed and my partner has repaired a good bit of the deck and will put up the handrails Saturday. Yahoo! Good for her!

And, I am still having brief severe bouts of depression - lasts 2-3 hours. Have an appointment with a new psychiatrist later this month. Will talk about this continuing episodic depression and see if I need to change meds.

I get so excited about everything that's happening! And, then I crash. Part of it is tired. Part of it is not eating right - I don't think cheeseburger and fries count as eating right. But, most of it is just a cyclic depression for me. Happens small time every summer, and about every 5 years or so gets a bit worse.

But, hey, folks! I'm okay. Every day is different than the one before it; so all I have to do when I get depressed is wait it out. Things will change. Thanks be to God.


Anonymous said...

If I am listing toward depression anyway, too many carbs can push me over the brink and result in a mini-depression which lasts several hours.

If I am in full depression or not depressed, it doesn't seem to matter. It's when I am on the cusp.

Just a thought. It's different for everybody.


Janis Bland said...

{{Sharecropper}} I too suffer from depression. I always have but soldiered on for years. Now, with Lexapro, life is a bit better. However, my husband says, "What do you have to be depressed about?" LOL! I explain the chemical imbalance thingy, and I think he gets that. Maybe. Sort of. :) And my more immediate feelings are acute anxiety. Oh, well!

You work in a yarn shop? Oh, I wish I had the patience to knit. I'm so clumsy, but I LOVE feeling up yarns. Mmmmm.....