Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Addiction Added

Well, I started looking for a Starbucks clear coffee mug for my partner on eBay - and I bid on several - got one for a good price...lost a few other bids. Then I strayed into crafts section and bid on some Swarovski crystals. I won. I'm addicted. I looked at the various sellers stores and other things they had on auction. Then I figured out how to look at all the things in a category listed with how long the auction had left. I lost a lot of bids at the last minute. Then, I read the hints about bidding. And, I won a few more things. I'm addicted.

Now, I'm checking every night to see what is won or lost, what's available that's new. And, I've learned how to watch certain items and see how the bidding is going.

But, the most important thing I've learned is not to overbid. My maximum bid is the most I'm willing to pay for the item (including shipping). So, now some I win, some I lose, and I keep watching.

The budget is not suffering yet, but I'm spending a lot more time on eBay than in reading my buddies' blogs. Sorry, folks. I'll get over this in a week.

Meanwhile, I have a bid on some Hallmark miniature ornaments ending soon; so I'd better check how the bidding is going.


Jan said...

For awhile I was doing that on EBay, too. But I guess it lasted for a season, as I'm not doing it anymore. Have fun!

Judy Vaughan-Sterling said...

This is an affliction I share! Right now I'm going to go look at some dichroic glass items on eBay!

shallotpeel said...

Tickles me to hear you describe discovering eBay at this point!!

I got my partner a clear coffee mug with the molecule for caffeine on it.

June Butler said...

I had my season of addiction to eBay, but that season has now passed. My treasures from the season include 19 art umbrellas - the long handled kind - featuring famous works of art.

They're rather pretty. I wish I could display them open somewhere - hanging from the ceiling perhaps?

It seems that most of the museum shops don't sell the umbrellas with the long handles any more.

Your cabinets are looking good, Sharecropper.

Anonymous said...

I collect vintage religious medals and I sometimes find some good ones on EBay. I click over there when i am looking for something specific, or if I just feel like it. My "addictions" last about a week-ten days. Have fun!

Anonymous said...
Hello, This is Shalotpeel's little brother DB.
If you get frustrated with losing last minute bids, then look at this bid sniping software. It will bid for you in 5 second increments just as the bid is ending. It is simply fighting fire with fire. Love ya, DB

sharecropper said...

Ahhh, DB. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm in enough trouble already with everything I've bought so far. I don't need to win any more bids. LOL