Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My "off" day

"Off" - well, I've always been off a little bit - sometimes more than others. But, today is a day without any plans. I am off from work, off from obligations, off from appointments, off from most responsibilities.

However, since the laundry is now stacked over my head, not only clothes, but mattress covers, towels, blankets, sheets, and lots of clothes, I think I'll do some laundry. I'll sort it in the guest room so that I don't have to finish it today. I think tomorrow is an "off" day as well. LOL

Grandchildren are undoubtedly a blessing, but I'm grateful today that I don't have any - no children either, just Godchildren, and they all seem to be busy with their own lives lately. I would be thinking up things for the grandchildren and I to do together if I had any. And, I don't want to think. I don't want to be busy and out and about. I just want to be home.

What a blessing it is to have a home. I've been concerned lately about our homeless folk. I saw two police cars stopped on the by-pass (now a limited access road through our town) with two people and a shopping cart. The cart was almost empty; the people were shivering. I was on the other side of the median and when I turned around they were all gone, including the shopping cart. Perhaps these two people were homeless and sheltering in the small patch of woods alongside the by-pass. Perhaps the police had merely cautioned them about fires after checking their IDs (and I hope they had them). I would like to think that the police offered them a ride to the nearest shelter and the protection from the cold that offered. I pray that they find a way "home".

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klady said...

Waiting for an off day but none seems to come (though some might say I'm in a permanent state of "off" but that's another matter entirely).

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy stopping by here even on those many days when I just get only a flash on Google Reader. Your home looks so wonderful and I've enjoyed hearing all the progress in getting it emptied, remodeled, and put back together. I'd love to have an environment intentionally and loving constructed for liveability, comfort, and a reflection of our personalities. Yours sounds like a true home.

Yes, I, too am very grateful that I have any kind of shelter on these cold days. It drives me crazy to see my kids and their friends barely covered up, all assuming they can jump in and out of cars and never get really cold (we're looking at a high of 24 and low of 13 here today). Missy had a good post the other day about breaking through their mindsets.

Hope you are both warm and at peace in your time "off." How lovely to have the chores down and stop to rest a spell.