Saturday, January 19, 2008

un-knitting update

Okay, D, I forgot to go to bed. I turned around and there was this yellow thing - so I finished off the back. Then I remembered that you wanted a pix of the gray shawl. So here they are - not good pix - will do better in daylight and sanity.

Yellow remainder

yellow squigglies

grey shawl


Lindy said...

These are pretty amazing. I enlarged the photos so I was able to see how you varied the kind of stitch you were using. Very nice Sharecropper.

Cathy said...

HI - The shawl looks as though it came from Folk Shawls from Cheryl Oberle. Very nice!

Found your blog as I see you have applied to be a part of the REvgalblogpals (I am the geek that receives the application).

I put you on my reader.

Just a few states over in Georgia..