Monday, February 04, 2008

superbowl commercials

I don't watch much sports, but I did enjoy listening to the superbowl yesterday. And, I've picked my two favorite commercials



shallotpeel said...

I didn't watch, or listen to, the game - but I did TiVo & later watch Puppy Bowl IV with the Kitty Half-Time. Looking at some of the ads today online I picked both of your favorites as faves of mine also. I also liked the other Coke ad with Stewie & Underdog Macy's Day balloons. I liked the dancing gekkos or lizards SOBE water ad, too. My single most favorite one, though, was the Tide stain ad. Hilarious, and effective.

Missy said...

Those were both good ones--I liked the unibrow/cashew ad, too. Geez there were a lot of good ones.