Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Musings

We have a new floor in the condo - vinyl that looks like wood - ash, I think. It's got some blue-gray streaks in it. Some Wal-Marts have it on their floors. We chose a slate vinyl in similar colors for the bathroom and laundry room. But, the installation was one of the poorest I have ever seen. Lisa arrived at the condo to find none of the furniture put in place - bookshelf in front of the sliding doors, dining room chairs in the guest room. I won't go into the details of our discussions with the flooring company owners or their installation person. However, nothing can be done about the lumps and bumps in the floor - or nothing that we are willing to do now. The furniture is back in place, the glue is mostly off the floors. The floor leveler is mostly off the walls, but the baseboards are still in horrible shape.

Welcome to Good Friday.

On a more positive note, the flooring is beautiful and greatly improves the appearance of the condo. Area rugs will help all of that. In a few months I will be over my anger and be content with the beauty and easy upkeep of the floors. They really are gorgeous.

And, we have a new kitchen range and vent hood. Replacing the countertops will be next...someday.

I am home and getting ready for Easter. Each year, I hide plastic eggs in the house and invite adults (usually women - this year we have one man who is coming) to eat lunch and hunt Easter eggs. I have made an Easter basket for each person - filled not only with some candy but with some totally useless junk and some wonderfully useful stuff like bag clips, sticky notes, scrapers, body lotion, cat treats, and the requisite Easter stuffed animal.

We are having baked ham, potato salad, cole slaw, corn-on-the-cob, and Laura is bringing a pecan pie. No pressure there, dearie! LOL. I have so many new places to hide eggs now that we have renovated the house. What fun that will be!!!

My internal clockwork is not running very quickly right now. It's anxiety - generalized anxiety. And, not sure I've mentioned this, I think I'm having some flashbacks to the bad times of my growing years. These emotions and thoughts affect what is happening now - so I'm in a different kind of therapy - one that will deal with the bad childhood adn growing years...and look at how that's affecting me/us now. Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be taking my anti-anxiety medicine more often, but I forget to take it. So, I'm spending time anxious when I might not be if I'd taken my medicines. Bleah.

Today was so beautiful at the beach. We had a wonderful storm Wednesday night with lots of rain and wind, and the ocean was roiling. The pelicans were fishing Thursday morning in the troughs of waves that were easily eight feet high sometimes - mostly six footers with the wind whipping the tops of the rolls into wonderful mist sculptures that disappeared before I had time to think of what they looked like. Then the wind died down, and the ocean calmed down, and today has been so wonderful with the oceanside door open. I had a long period of aloneness with my knitting the ocean today. It was great to contemplate how little my problems are in the perspective of the ocean.

I'm back at home tonight. All is well. The cats are happy we are back. And, I am glad as well. Have a happy weekend!


shallotpeel DonnaB said...

It's too early & the weather is not right for Easter at all!! So there. The beach, ahhh, I wish I were there. Did you take any pix? See the dolphins? You, my friend, are an anomaly in some ways, one of which is reaction to drugs. So am I. But, our ways of being anomalous are totally different. I love you. Oh, and some people have suggested the idea to me before that I think too much. Typically I think they think too little & that that is hogwash. LOL

Cecilia said...

A roiling ocean sounds just about right for Good Friday. May your entire weekend be blessed. Christ is risen!

Pax, C.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Sharecropper. I hope you have a great day with the dinner and everything.