Saturday, April 26, 2008

College Reunions

I've never been to my own college reunion, but this is my second visit to my partner's college reunion. Her classmates and their spouses remembered me!!!! Amazing. And, it was fun. So tomorrow we head home to our cats and our creek.

With new yarn, new beads, my happy goddaughter who went to Costco with me today, a happy partner who saw her long-time buddies and friends, a pleasant visit with close friends - what a cache of good memories.

Didn't take a single pix - sorry. I'll do better when we go to New Orleans in a couple of weeks.


Jan said...

I've never been or wanted to go to a college reunion. Strangely though, my husband and I are going to our 40th HIGH SCHOOL reunion in August. It's a good excuse to go to WA State from hot and humid TX.

shallotpeel DonnaB said...

Well, yahoo! Sounds good. The W Homecoming was the weekend of Apr 18-19th, by the way.

What are y'all doing in N'Awlins? I wonder how different it will be ...