Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ashwood Alpaca Farm Visit

sharecropper gets a kiss from Whiskey

Five of us went to Ashwood Alpaca Farm (they also have one llama) on Friday. We were warmly welcomed by Lisa Willis who is unbelievably excited about all her alpacas. They were recently sheared, and the blankets are currently being processed.

But, we were mostly thrilled because Whiskey was like a big lap dog. He followed us around and liked to eat carrots and be petted. Most of the alpacas were standoffish as we were laughing a lot and grinning from ear to ear. What beautiful animals they are and sooooo soft - even sheared.

I snagged two grocery bags of bits and pieces of blankets from the various animals and one from the llama...also some yarn from the cooperative of which the farm is a member.One friend found some yummy socks.

Here are the pictures:
alpacas in background, us in foreground

Whiskey, up close and personal


Anonymous said...

Love these pix!! Who was taking the picture of the group? And, was blue shirts a planned thing? LOL - Donna

Janis Bland said...

SHIT! Storms and lost my post.

Alpacas are SO sweet! I just love the photos. We have enough room for a couple alpacas, but not enough time!

And I LOVE your hair coming in. Keep it buzzed like that! You look great!


Rory said...

Adorable, just completely adorable! What a sweet punim that Whiskey has. :-)

Now you've motivated me to take a walk down through our village to the llama/alpaca farm!