Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I'm sitting in my favorite chair having just finished a good meal - prepared by those loving people at Lowe's Foods in Morehead City, NC. I have put away the cold and frozen food and am just enjoying being.

The new wireless system here works even if it is a bit slow. And, I can't send emails through Mozilla Thunderbird, but I can receive them. Weird. At least I've finally gotten this deal to accept the various accounts I have.

Hmmm. What to do? Stare at the ocean? Knit? Read The Sun magazine? Put water in the refrigerator? Sit and read blogs? Aha. that's it.

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PseudoPiskie said...

I played with Thunderbird last week. I have two ISPs with 6 email addresses and several different passwords. I can't get it to work right. And I don't like Apple's Mail so I'm still on Eudora.