Monday, June 02, 2008

Creating stuff with fiber

Remember the trip to the alpaca farm? Well, I finally got around to washing some of the white alpaca and drying it outside on a towel - a cool 93 degrees in the sun that day. And, here's a picture of me (see my hair is growing out and it's still white), and I'm carding the white alpaca (that's straightening the fibers) with two dog brushes (instead of buying expensive carders):

And, here's an in process picture of the mermaid that I am needle felting for Mindi in Colorado. I think the hair is going to be some of the curly locks from one of the alpaca since she was with us on that visit.


Anonymous said...

That's cool ShareCropper.

Janis Bland said...

I'm going to get an English Angora bunny on Father's Day weekend. I read that one of them can produce enough wool to make a sweater. Maybe a part of a sweater.

Anyway, I'd be honored to send said bunny's hair to you!