Thursday, July 31, 2008

"My" shop

I don't own it. I don't even work full-time there, only a few hours a month. But, I love Weaver's Webb. And, I love arranging the colors and fibers. I love helping people find what they want. So, I'm starting a series of picture blogs about Weaver's Webb.
Today, we are featuring sock yarn, cottons, and dreambaby.

I love the colors. Or have I said that? I tell people that it's a "touchy feely" store. How can you know whether or not you like a yarn unless you've fingered it?

When we get a shipment of yarn, I usually stay over my normal hours or come in an extra time to help put it away. Some yarn comes in plastic bags, and we ordinarily get two or three bags of 10 skeins each. One bag goes on the shelf with the newer dye lots in the back. Two bags have to be stored, and we don't have a storeroom. All the extra yarn is stacked on top of the racks and around the ledges of the store (you'll see that later). Some yarn, such as Lamb's Pride, is not bagged; so we save our plastic bags from other yarns for storage.

We have so many beautiful sock yarns, and I don't knit socks. I've learned how to knit in the round with two circular needles, but I haven't done but a few rows with sock yarn. We have the Step yarn which has jojoba oil and aloe vera in it to prevent food problems. We have self-patterning yarn which creates a delightful pattern - not necessarily stripes - photos of that later. We have Noro sock yarn which is self-striping. I've bought some of it, but it's in my stash (that's yarn lingo for that wall of plastic drawers in my workroom - and the tub and the various bags of begun projects and the little box by my feet and my work bag). I de-stashed one skein of yarn yesterday - sold it to a young woman who needed just a bit more of a certain color and dye lot, and I had one skein of it here at home. I don't de-stash often.

So now you have an intro to Weaver's Webb, where I work on Tuesdays and sometimes a few hours extra during the week.


shallotpeel DonnaB said...

Oh, I really love getting to see the shop as well as hear about it or see it from the outside!!

Lindy said...

Dang,woman,that's A LOT of yarn. Pretty. But, I've never seen so much!