Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more about workshop

Just a couple of pictures from today's knitting workshop. Don't have program to edit pix on this computer; so just getting raw stuff. LOL The Pisgah outlet store was lots of fun, my trunk is full.

Maile doing the loop-de-loop cast-on - so named by Kim.

Beautiful Flo in the shawl that someone made her - maybe Brian?

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Anonymous said...

Margaret glad to hear of your exploits. Please teach me to crochet. I actually did it as a child but I can't remember. Maybe with a little instruction it will come back. I would love to make a summer top like the blue shawl. I also have sections my grandmother crochedted for a blanket and I need to attach them.

I keep wanting to tell you Jimmy and I went to the "hem" in Swansboro. It was great we were on search for clocks (satallite tv does not have a clock) therefore we needed them and wanted to have fun finding them on the cheap) 1$ and a $4 waffle maker still warm from being tested. We have had waffles every Sun and they don;t stick.
Call me when you get back.