Sunday, August 24, 2008


Cityscape potholder

Amazing what 8 hours of good sleep can do for a body and a mind! I used to think I had a high endurance for pain, but now I'm not sure. I added a pain killer, prescribed by my doctor to help my hip pain, last night. I did not hurt. I did wake to a noise and realized it was the cat, got up and picked up the stuff from the floor and went back to bed. Not in pain.

I've been doing the exercises the doctor recommended for this hip, and the knuckle pain is so whimsical that I never know when it's going to hurt or not. The swelling in my knuckle is going down.

On to brighter things. I got most of the yarn stashed away last night, packed two boxes to send to knit/crochet swap partners; so this morning is looking brighter since I have less hassle. Here are a couple of projects I've finished.

Small potholder, mitered square in Peaches & Creme double stranded

Coaster and Pitcher Pad set in Peaches & Creme 8 ply, linen stitch

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