Monday, October 13, 2008


I resolve to take a new picture for my profile. My hair has grown and is still lovely white and curly.

Work day. Am knitting something for display that's not working out - knitting it with the needles that the yarn calls for - too loose. Will show it to the boss and get her opinion. Looking forward to seeing her - she's good people and she was away last week.

Partner will continue to work on the lower deck - replacing some boards, putting up handrails, building a back to the seats there, painting to match the house. She's always up to something. Next she's going to build me a tall, narrow, shallow bookcase for the hallway so that I don't have to give up all my books to the garage. Or maybe she can just add it to the guest room shelf wall so that the hallway stays pretty and wide and open. I told her no on that at first, but I think I've changed my mind.

I'm still making potholders by the zillion and coasters. I hope my friends are in need of them. LOL Christmas gifts?

Kite Festival - we are going there my birthday weekend - at Atlantic Beach, NC. What a lot of kites we'll see - and stunt kites and kites that dance to music and giant kites like the kitten and the squid you see here. We'll probably help out with the Festival since the owners of Kites Unlimited (Don, Geri, and Bret Dixon) are friends of ours. They also have a bird supply shop attached to the kite shop. And lots of fun games and banners and feathers and fun things to attach to outdoor hanging spots.

All are invited to the Kite Festival, October 25 and 26 at Atlantic Beach, NC.

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shallotpeel DonnaB said...

Kite Festival! A few years ago (well, maybe more than a 'few') we were first at the Beach there for a Kite Festival weekend! Wow, loved it.

Interesting - just last night partner & I both indicated a wish to take new pix for Facebook profile pix! Did you see my hair with all of the lavender & pink cut off to just (what is now) natural color, all short, very short?