Saturday, October 25, 2008

wild ocean

Here's a picture of the ocean today! Our condo building is on a high dune about 20 feet above the beach scarp (which you can't see) but about 25 feet above the beach you can see. Aren't you glad I make sense all the time. LOL Underneath the condo is parking; so we are actually on the second floor - very safe from most hurricanes and waves, but we don't put anything down here that we would hate to lose in a hurricane.

The Kite Festival won't be doing much today with the wind so strong and from the wrong direction. All the kites would run into the Sheraton today not out over the water.

I'm snug inside - although the temp is warm; the wind is strong - whistling around the door.

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Lindy said...

Happy Birthday ShareCropper.