Monday, November 17, 2008

Report on the trip to Cleveland

We spent the night in Beckley, WV, with a light covering of snow on the ground and enough on the bushes for me to make a very small snowball, which disintegrated in flight.

Today we drove through rain, sunshine, sleet, snow, and mixtures of a food court at the mall, the weather changed in a matter of yards sometimes. The little Prius drove like a dream in the changing weather. It was a bit slow going up the mountains we had to cross in West Virginia, but going down the mountains, we coasted and put all that power into the battery of the hybrid. It was strange to be going 70+ miles per hour and see the gauge registering at 100 miles per gallon. LOL We are expecting some accumulation of snow here tomorrow.

We arrived about 3 pm and checked into the hotel. The shuttle bus will pick me/us up here and take us to the correct building in only a few minutes, and shuttles run frequently. The restaurant downstairs is very expensive but good food. We met a couple who had been here before - several times all the way from Southern California - and their confidence level is high. We also talked about grocery stores and other places to eat. There are hospitality shuttles that will take us to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, other attractions like Nordstrom and other stores. Probably not any yarn shops on the list though - and just as well.

Partner and I are both tired, but I'm glad we drove - I could bring enough choices of knitting to satisfy any length of time that we may be here. LOL - one whole bag of yarn, computer, books and stuff.

My appointment is tomorrow afternoon, and I'll post an update then.


PseudoPiskie said...

I suspect you will be spoiled rotten while in Cleveland. I've never experienced so many smiling, helpful people in any business or institution. I'll get over there as soon as we can coordinate our schedules.

Cynthia said...

Good things come from Cleveland. I got my husband there and he came with a whole set of neat relatives.
One of them---a niece---works at the Cleveland Clinic as a biomedical engineer.

PseudoPiskie said...

They must hire nieces. Mine now works in development with the Children's Hospital Division.

Hope there is news by the time I get home around midnight. Hope it is GOOD news.

shallotpeel DonnaB said...

Glad you arrived safely & in a good frame of mind! Also glad you are on your way with the lovely activities (LOL) they will have for you this week!! Thinking of you both!

Oh, yeah, here's my Obama Blue hair. A little bit wet, but just from being in the shower.

Hee Hee!!