Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A charming bit of fiber antiquity

Some time ago a person gave my boss an old sampler book of crochet pieces - most of them made with thread so tiny I cannot see the pattern. Many of the samples are so aged that they are deep cream and have stains. But, a couple of them stand out - one has red thread in the center - still so bright that I wish I had a scarf that color -of course, red is my favorite and I already have five or six red scarves. Another has shades of red and green mixed with what must have been white. Another is a seafoam green, and one is a soft brown. The individual pieces are sewn onto what feels like a linen fabric, and the pages are secured with a handmade metal fastener.

I've found that by scanning the pages of this booklet I can see some of the stitches I thought were impossible, and I'll be transcribing these pictures (some of them) into directions as the year goes on. My goal is to have completed as much of the sample book as possible by the end of the year.


Micki said...

How are you doing on the transcribing of the patterns? Those are so beautiful, can't wait to see the finished transcribing! Take care.. Micki

River Glorious said...

Lovely pieces! Thanks for sharing.