Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl and Contemplative Weekend

I'm not watching the super bowl. Someone always wins, and the players always get those much prized gold rings that show the world they really are worthwhile. The value of those rings might dig several wells in African villages in dire need of potable water. And, someone always loses. That's what happens in a two-team match.

Contemplative Weekends should end on Sunday at noon - and usually do. But, I'm lazy; so I'm still at the beach and somewhat bored. Okay, now I've done all this reflective writing and mind-mapping and reading. Now what? I cancelled my therapy appointment in the morning because I don't think I can get there in time, and I just want to let all this rest for a bit.

I've been knitting on a piece of that multi-stripe afghan that I began over a year ago. This stripe needs about another foot. Green centipede - six foot long. And, I've been crocheting petals for a lariat necklace. And, I started a bath cloth.

I've read all of Joyce Meyers that I can take for one weekend. I even turned on the television to see how far along the Super Bowl was and maybe catch one of the commercials, but I couldn't find it. What I found was a documentary on polygamy, and during the time I watched, all the first wives had been very unhappy with the addition of the second wife. All claimed to have gotten over it, but I just wonder why they weren't smiling.

I'm listening to the surf. Sigh. I'm ready to go home.

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