Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

Several friends are having birthdays today. I've wished Jill Bethune Wood, who was a journalism major at MSCW at the same time I was, a very happy birthday on Facebook.

However, Freida McDonald, once of Daphne, AL, happy birthday wherever you are now. We lost track of one another when I moved away, and I've missed you.

Also from Daphne, happy birthday Anne and Gary Underwood; we were at Cursillo together, I think.

Strange to look in my birthday calendar book and find names I barely remember. I've moved around so much that I'm not sure where I knew some of these people. Marcel from Burundi worshipped at our church in Winston-Salem for a while. He had applied for asylum here, and I don't know where he is now. Sally and Lucy whose parents separated and they moved away. Mary Robert, priest and friend, who loved my EFM classes. And, on that same page, my grandfather Mike, who died when I was five. I adored him even though I know now that he was a philanderer, a hard worker when he worked, an alcoholic, super conservative, and possibly abusive to his family. But, he loved me.

How the friends from other places slip away unless we make a real effort to stay in touch. I admit the computer makes it easier now. I would never write letters to all the friends and family that connect with me through emails, Facebook, instant messages and such.

So, Freida, if you're out there, leave me a message.

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Lee M. Davenport said...

That's what amazes me about technology. I've reconnected with people I honestly had forgotten I ever new.

They post photos of me from decades ago. Photos of me and them having fun doing this and that. The memories come flooding back.

By the time I leave this world, I will have forgotten many happy times. But maybe with the help of technology, I'll hang onto much more than I would have otherwise.