Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, today was weigh in day, and I've gained 1.2 pounds...not surprising with the amount of calories I put in me last week. So, I took off after weigh in to Little Washington to pick up my jet ski - which inhaled a hat last week.

Had a good (and reasonable) lunch at the Meeting Place; then I went next door and bought a giant paper rose to put next to my fireplace in the summer. Then, I tried to trade my jet ski and the fellow at the Sea Doo place talked me out of it; so the jet ski is being launched even as I write.

I had way too much caffeine today to be safe doing much of anything. Certainly not making any decisions. I'm like a kid who is ADHD - climbing the walls. I asked my friend who was with me why I was so hyper today and she pointed out that I don't usually drink caffeine and that I'd had a coke and two glasses of tea. Well, duh!!!!

Perhaps tomorrow morning, when I am more sane, I can test out my jet ski and see how it rides. That will be fun.

Meanwhile, here's another picture from my deck garden. This is a succulent, the name of which I do not know.

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Nina said...

The flower may be ice plant. A Google image search is persuasive, but I'm no botanist.