Thursday, July 12, 2007

After the talk

Well, now she understands why I go thrift shopping, but to her it's still junk. So, I made it disappear. As I pointed out to her, my afternoon cost less than concert tickets or therapy. As she pointed out to me, we don't have room for any more stuff.

But, she was glad that I had a good time, and I do understand how she feels about bringing more stuff into the house. Next time, I said, I'll take it straight to the garage and you'll never see it. Okay with her!

Not sure what is going on yet with either of us, and we'll keep talking and pondering, but at least my blogging buddies will be in on the "action" as it develops. I always think the journey is probably more fun than the ultimate end.

I'm sort of like Lisa in Funky Winkerbean cartoon (though I don't have any time limit given) - okay, now I've said I'll die, let's get on with the living.

However, I can't imagine living with the same "stuff" for the rest of my life - at least not most of it. I want a change along the way...probably more than one change - and maybe that's part of our non-understanding - partner likes things to stay the same. I am always wanting to shake things up with strange huge paper roses in a Mexican pot or something like that.

Hey, I can analyze my thoughts and feelings, but not hers - even though I know I try. Guess I need to work on me first then talk some more...or maybe I should just shut up and keep on truckin'.

More later, kids.

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