Saturday, July 07, 2007

Long-ago friend, Now-again friend

My college friend arrived!!!!! I would have recognized her anywhere. Although her hair is short, it is the same shape as in the picture, and her face structure hasn't changed much. Of course, like the rest of us older folk, the body has changed.

We didn't waste much time on the "do you remembers?"; we just began having fun and laughing together. I'd forgotten how much fun we had - all I remembered what how faithful she was in sharing the down times. She reminded me of some of our adventures.

But, mostly, we laughed, talked about books and politics and such. We had a grand meal at our Mennonite restaurant with lots of good bread. I haven't logged my Weight Watcher points for yesterday, but I'll bet I ate about 50 points - fried catfish, baked sweet potato, and bread. Sooooo good.

Her daughter-in-law has the same genial personality, and the two boys, who do have very distinctive personalities, were mostly quiet - overwhelmed by the silliness of their grandmother and her friend. But then, I gather they are frequently overwhelmed and sometimes embarrassed by the silliness and wonderful love of their grandmother.

So, they are at the beach and we are going over today. It's sooo hot here - humidity out the roof. We'll have to be careful outdoors.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Sorry there is no title to this post, can't get it to register. Oh well....

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Cecilia said...

I'm so glad to hear your friend arrived safe and sound... I love those relationships that can pick up immediately as if they never left off.

Pax, C.