Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No profound wisdom

Here's my dish garden with its various succulents and a bit of grass. The next picture is a close-up of that little red cactus on the left. I bought it because a friend liked it and now it's blooming. What delight!


Missy said...

Oh, that is gorgeous.

June Butler said...

What Missy said.

small town usa said...

I live in PA and also love to garden. We are experiencing a horrible infestation of Japanese Beetles this year. My poor roses! Have any suggestions on how to get rid of these nasty little pests? And what is the big puple leaf-shaped object in the pic? Thanks and have a good day.

sharecropper said...

Hi there. I know little about Japanese beetles. I think we had some last year. They come out of the ground like some hornets do. I poured Sevin dust down the hole and sprinkled it all around the hole.

But here's a link to Japanese Beetles that might help even more.

The big purple thing is a concrete casting of an elephant ear. I bought this one, but I have since learned how to make them - can be done with any large or small leaf.
Here's the link to that sand cast.

Good luck with your roses. Mine have been neglected this year. My roses came with the house, and I've not had time nor strength to get out and dead head them; so they are scraggly.