Monday, July 16, 2007

Women - Eye Candy of Older Women

Eye Candy - inspired by Eileen

Lesley Gore ("It's My Party" - and 2005 "Ever Since" )

Rita Mae Brown - newest picture on her website is in fox hunting garb

Candice Bergen now and then


Anonymous said...

Candice is gorgeous.

And Lesley Gore - fun!

Anonymous said...

I adore a fox hunt!
And the women... so commanding on their steeds, with those delicate little whips at their sides. I am helpless as a pet fox.

Thanks for the eye candy!


Suzer said...

Oh yeah, gotta agree with the Candice Bergen choice!

shallotpeel said...

Eileen didn't get any family but I love Tyne Daly anyway. We've been watching her & Sharon Gless in their first season of CAGNEY & LACEY this summer on DVD!

But, at least, you got two members of family!

sharecropper said...

Well, I have admired Candice Bergen since she played in The Group, an old movie that isn't even listed on her bio. And, those legs are wonderful. I think mine were just as pretty when I was her age, but I had/have smaller feet. So there.