Monday, October 08, 2007

Home Safe and Sane

Thanks for the continued prayers. I am home safe and sane. Bill's funeral was a good closure for the church family as well as for his extended family. The rector spoke a few words and then I gave the short bio, told a "Bill" story and a "Jenny" story and then others in the congregation gave their memories and reflections about Bill. An honor guard brought in the flag, played taps and presented the flag to Jenny, and then we buried Bill in the columbarium at the church he loved so dearly. After that we had a wonderful meal!!!

I spent a good bit of time running errands with the family (no car) and helping celebrate god-granddaughter Missy's 13th birthday on Friday.

I collapsed on Sunday and cried at length, had a quiet dinner with my hosts, and slept well. This morning I had breakfast with another friend, and then I came home (via a short stop at a thrift shop on the way).

The "Jenny" story I told was that on Thursday, she was visiting a neighbor down the street, in a community with lots of Hispanic people. Jorge came in, plopped a live chicken down in Jenny's lap and said, "This for you." Jenny called me and said, "Mom, is there some cultural thing I'm missing?" I laughed and said, "Yes, that might be a typical gesture of sympathy in a small Hispanic village." Jorge intended the chicken for dinner, I'm sure, but now they have it in a cage and the hen is named "Henny Penny". Jenny is noted for adopting stray animals. LOL

As I was leaving her house on Sunday, two young people on the porch with Missy said, "Goodbye Grandma". I turned and said, "Do I know you?" The young man hugged me and said "I'm Ashley's boyfriend." The girl hugged me and said, "I'm Ashley." I hugged back and said goodbye. Funny, when even your god children and god grand children's friends know you as Grandma!!! LOL

The trip was good and my stamina held as well as my sanity. Thanks to all of you for the prayers.


Janis Bland said...

Thank God you're home, and I hope well! I've been thinking about you all weekend.

I had to go in and tell David (he's Colombian) the chicken story. He said yep, that's true! Bless Jorge.


PseudoPiskie said...

Happy to read that you survived the journey. Now you can settle into worrying about remodeling. lol

So far my garage is approaching double the original estimate and absolutely nothing other than obtaining a building permit has been done. sigh.

terri c said...

Trundled over from the MadPriest's lair to offer condolences and warm thoughts to the whole family. Hope you can get a bit of rest in the midst of the remodel, and thanks for sharing Bill, Jenny, and the whole family with us.

klady said...

Glad to see you home safe and sound. You remind us all of how grief, sorrow, love and tears bring people together. Thank you.

Time to let it settle, rest, and get back to rebuilding your nest. It must be hard to be displaced, but how wonderful to look forward to seeing the changes completed and beginning anew.

Cynthia said...

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I read through the whole journey. How full your time was with Jenny and her family and friends! And you and Bill seemed to share a special bond--what a gift.

Peace be with you, ((((Sharecropper))))

Kirstin said...

Just thinking about you. Be well.

June Butler said...

So you're home and off again I see from the above post.

I'm pleased all went well at the service - as well as a funeral service can go.

Thanks be to God.

Anonymous said...

Well said.