Saturday, October 06, 2007

Traveling Mercies

Thanks to all who have been keeping me in their prayers as I made this weekend journey. The drive went well. My goddaughter Jenny is handling everythign well. We went out Friday night and bought some school clothes for her two girls and some birthday dinner for the youngest who turned 13 yesterday. I slept well. My hosts and I had a great morning chat; then I met my crack-addicted godson and his wife to clean out their storage unit - and we actually had a good time then had lunch together. I visited for a few minutes in their apartment and petted their cat.

On to Jenny's again and we went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant, where she ate something with enough peppers in it to make her cry, but she loved it. We talked for a long time - just the two of us and traded Bill stories.

Then, I came back to my host family, whose daughter is home from college this weekend, and enjoyed being in the middle of that chaos - had a good nap. The eulogy is now composed in my head, and I am ready for tomorrow's service, burial and reception.

Thanks for the strength of your prayers!


Janis Bland said...

Abrazos y mas abrazos!!!


Kirstin said...

Peace, and blessings!

klady said...

Thinking of you today. May you have a safe journey home, as well.