Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Surprise to Me

Eucharistic theology
You scored as a Calvin
You are John Calvin. You seek to be faithful to Scripture, and to harmonize difficult sayings. You believe that in the Lord's Supper those who have faith are united to Christ, who is present spiritually, yet in a real way.
Calvin 75%
Orthodox 50%
Luther 50%
Catholic 44%
Zwingli 6%
Unitarian 6%

Confession: I haven't read anything about Calvin's eucharistic theology, but, perhaps, he and I agree. In other theology lately, I have been leaning more toward the Unitarian style or even panentheism. I believe that no one has the entire key to God; we have a God of our understanding. Sometimes these understandings agree.


Saint Pat said...

hee hee Calvin -- the images boggle. But then, I haven't taken the test.

Cecilia said...

Very scriptural, ShareCropper! I have always felt about the Eucharist: it is what it is. What we think almost doesn't matter. It works on us at a sub-rational level. We do it because Jesus said to do it, and we tend to trust his word.

Pax, C.

Anonymous said...

I scored as an Orthodox... imagine!

Anonymous said...

I scored as Orthodox too.

And, I'm with you re: the God thing. Panentheism is probably closer to where I am than trinitarian.