Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Morning Musings

Our Presiding Bishop certainly has taken the lead in calling attention to the Episcopal Canons and Constitution in two ways: a warning letter to Bishop Duncan of Pittsburgh that if he continues in the way he has outlined that canonical action will be taken against him, and in inhibiting Bishop Bennison for not taking action to protect young people when he knew a person was sexually abusing one of them. At the recent Executive Council meeting she also received a report about the legal cases of congregations seceding from the Episcopal Church and trying to keep their property. She made it very clear that the Canons and Constitution make churches and dioceses an interdependent part of the national church. People may leave the church, but churches and dioceses don't.

Then I wondered how I could be so graced with material and spiritual and emotional wealth (the physical is up and down, but at least I have functional insurance) and others in my beloved circle are not. I'm selfish enough that I'm not gonna bankrupt us, but sharing is one of my earliest values. My Mom used to say that I'd give you the shirt off my back and the one off hers, too. I gave away most of her "things" when she died, but I kept the money. LOL It'll do more good when it grows a bit.

I thought I should write something very profound, but the most profound thing I realized during the night was that I was trying to use a 12-step program to replace church for me. Isn't working. I may continue in the 12-step program, but I really need a place to worship. I'd like one that fits with who I am and what I believe, but I'll take 11 am services in a huge church filled (at that service) with mostly those 10-20 plus years older than me rather than nothing.

Theological insights are not my forte now, just living, breathing, and enjoying the ocean and all the yarn I've bought over the past few months. I've started a felted hat, an afghan, and several scarves. Last night we wound (on my new yarn winder) a gorgeous rainbow colored rayon boucle - guess it will be jewelry first - lots of it, over 200 yards - hand dyed. Oh, so beautiful. And, the brightly colored mohair I pictured earlier, plus a brightly colored hand-dyed silk that is handing in my closet so that I see it every morning when I dress. It reminds me that I am beautiful and that I have the clothes to dress beautifully.

However, it's shower time before I can do that. Later, folks.

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