Sunday, December 02, 2007

Back at the condo

I have spent most of the week "batching" it in the one habitable bedroom in our house. We had two usable bathrooms and the plumbing on one of them went out; so I was one bedroom, one bath - and very grateful for both. Also heat.

No pictures this week; everything looks much the same. The trimwork is finished; the painters began working Saturday; the cabinet replacements and extra parts will be here this week. Royal Flush will work on the bathroom plumbing on Tuesday. The new refrigerator will be delivered Tuesday.

Discovered that the sink now installed in the kitchen is not the one that I ordered. Mind you, I've looked at that sink a number of times before it was installed. I even called Wanda the plumbing supply wizard about the drain being in the center and not on the side as I had thought. But, I didn't notice that it wasn't a deep sink until the grid that can be used in the bottom of it wouldn't fit. So, Monday another call to Wanda the plumbing wizard.

My partner finished the deck floor today. It will eventually be battleship gray with white balusters, but the treated wood has to season for a bit. And, the weather is getting too cool to do that right now. We'll have some more warm weather in December, I'm sure.

The site supervisor says that we will be back in the house by Christmas. I just hope the moving company can cooperate with bringing the furniture from storage when we have a more definite date. Maybe I ought to call them and alert them to the possibility of a week before Christmas. Yes, I know I'm being really hopeful, but this IS a season of hope.

We may have that tree trimming party yet!!

Happy Advent to you.

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PseudoPiskie said...

I'm jealous. sniff. I just hope the guys all got deer so there are fewer to hit with cars. Of course the season lasts another week so I may not see them yet. sigh.